Creepy Old Man



During Paracon they pulled a black curtain back but did not go into the room, too bad because there was someone waiting for them in there.


Flashlight turns on and moves
During a EVP session they were using a flashlight to communicate with Thomas and he moves the flashlight.
Shadow People During a ghost hunt, these images were recorded of shadow figures that roam the conference room.


Shadow in hallway


Shadows captured at the end of the hallway by the conference room.
Shadow in hallway 2 Camera repositioned and the same spirit was caught at a better angle 3 months later.
FLashlight video Flashlight response in labor and delivery.
Moving the flashlight Durning a public ghost hunt, our guests were bored of getting flashlight responses so they asked the spirits to move the flashlight.
Moving two flashlights During a public ghost hunt our guests decided to add a flashlight to see if the spirits could move them both.