These were recorded on our 9-20-08 investigation.

As we all sat in a circle trying to get the spirits to move a pin wheel, a voice asks "I wonder if they see us sitting way down in the middle".

As I sit in a hallway asking the spirit of Peter Hansford if there is anyone with him, he replies "mom and dad".

A voice asks "please".

In the background you can hear a voice whisper "wow".

These were recorded by Dan & Trudy Roberts on 9- 20- 08

While asking the children to move a pin wheel, they replied with a "NO".

In a room with a wolf prop, Trudy said "big bad wolf" and the spirit repeats her.

The spirit asks "do you think it's higher than you think?"

While entering a room a voice says "someone died in here."

A high pitch sound is heard after Trudy speaks.

As we set up our equipment in a hallway, a voice says "you'll be mine."