Paranormal Photos


Orbs are common in this hallway at the hospital. On many occasions they are seen with the naked eye, especially this blue one that frequents this area.

Shadow picture of a little boy in the hall during a evp and flash light session with two kids the haunt the hospital.

Hand of a shadow taken in labor and delivery.

The mystery chair. This was located under the hospital. This chair was placed under a light. The only light under there.

Some more strange shots from outside the asylum.

The Utah Ghost Organization captured this image of a shadow figure.

UGO also captured this moving orb in the hospital lab.

Shadow picture in birthing suite 2

Shadow outside of x-ray

This photo was taken in the Nursery on a public ghost hunt. The guest believed she caught spirit writing and after 3 hours of investigating we were able to debunk the writing. However, after close examination we discovered something we couldn't debunk. See photo below.

This was zoomed in to reveal an image of a little girl spirit in the right lower corner of the window.

These photos were caught during a public ghost hunt. We encourage guests to take multiple photos in a row so if evidence is caught in one and not the other it can help solidify your findings.

During a public ghost hunt we found a spirit peeking through the window at our guests. See photo below.

Decide for yourself...

This childs face appeared in a photo taken on a public ghost hunt. sent to us by Patricia Black check out her site