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Public Ghost Hunting

Asylum 49 present's a night of ghost hunting at the "Old Tooele Hospital".

Must Be 18 or older. Must show ID at the door.

This is our monthly ghost hunt where we allow the public to join us at the "Old Tooele Hospital" for a night of ghost hunting and a fund raiser to help support the Rocky Mountain Care center, Asylum 49. You can bring your own equipment, learn how to use your equipment, or just come watch what ghost hunting is all about. This is also a great place The night will start with a tour and history of the hauntings and then you will be turned loose to explore and ghost hunt by yourself... IF YOU DARE!


You can get more details on all our events on the upcoming events page.




Basic Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Classes

Our next class will begin soon

Private Ghost Hunts

(There are no age limits on private ghost hunts)

Private Ghost Hunt Packages
Our tours consist of a guided tour of the hospital.  We will tell you about some history of the hospital and about some paranormal activity that has happened.  After the tour is over you are free to roam the hospital and do your own investigation.

Haunted Tour #1
Tour of the hospital.
Cost is $500.00 up to 8 people and $65.00 per person after the 8.

Haunted Tour #2

Over night cost is $1500.00 four up to 8 people and $200.00 per person after 8.

Space is limited and we do fill up fast.

You must be 18 years or older, we do check I.D.'s and there are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

All sales are final. No refunds.

You must RSVP as there are limited spaces for each ghost hunt. If you do not RSVP then you will most likely be turned away for that ghost hunt. If you do reserve space and need to cancel please do so asap so other people can reserve space. If you show up without reserving space and we have reserved spots that do not show up it will be first come first serve to fill those spots.

Ghost hunting is available from January thru June.


All sales are final. No refunds. You must be 18 yrs. of age or older with NO EXCEPTIONS! We I.D. You are allowed to bring any equipment you like with the exception of a Ouija board. For the more serious and or professional investigators we suggest you book a private tour. Do not come to any of our ghost hunts or activities, public or private to cross people over. If you are caught doing this you will be escorted out of the building and asked not to return to the hospital. Do not come to any event under the influence of any kind. If you do you will be escorted off the premises. We do not guarantee any paranormal activity of any kind and although we believe the hospital to be truly haunted it is meant for entertainment purposes only.

RMC center, Asylum 49 are not responsible for injuries, deaths, disappearances, alien abductions, nightmares, bed wetting, nervous tics, ghostly apparitions, hauntings or ghosts that follow you home, demonic possession, post nasal drip, uncontrollable crying or screaming, pain, itching, swelling, rash, headache, the runs, wheezing, coughing, hemorrhoids, STD's, pregnancy, erectile dysfunction, sudden urge to gamble, and playing doctor!