Asylum 49 Haunted Hospital 1. you can be touched grabbed separated from your group detained in small dark areas and left strapped to a metal bed and worked on by the crazies. 2.if you cant handle rule #1 then don't come wimpo. 3. you cant touch the actors or the props unless we throw something at you then by all means put your hands up you will look stupid getting hit in the face with a prop. 4. we do not recommend small children or immature adults or pregos. if you think that your kids are to young then they are too young leave them at home nobody wants to see your little kid bawling their eyes out hyperventilating whats wrong with you!!!!!!! 5. there are no refunds you cheap bastard its not a cheap 38,000 sqf haunt 6. bring cash we don't take plastic oh and hell yeah we sell asylum 49 tees 7.don't have somebody waiting in the car for you while you go through thinking you will be right out we are open for 3 hours o n weekdays and 5 on weekends you could get detained the entire time and we wont send anyone in to look for you you got your dumb ass into this mess get yourself out. 8. if you cant behave we will throw your dumb ass out. See rule #5